E-Commerce Data Transfer & Synchronization


At Color Mate our passion is successful business data management. During our many years in business, we saw a gap in some of the solutions available to e-commerce customers. What if someone wanted to migrate their customer data between websites without the fear of losing important information or exposure to security risks? What if a business wanted their financial information to download automatically at specified time periods or milestones? We weren’t happy with the answers we found to these questions, so we created our own.

E-Commerce IO Flow is a set of plugins that can be applied to existing e-commerce products to make information “flow” between websites, shopping carts, and services. And if existing plugins don’t offer the services you want, we can create custom ones just for your business. These plugins can be applied to custom shopping carts or common existing services like Amazon or Google Database while giving you maximum fluidity with your data.

What sets E-Commerce IO Flow apart from existing products? Four key areas – products, customers, orders, and external databases. 

  • Manages products, and makes it easy to add, delete, or change products in bulk – saving time, energy, and money. 
  • Manages customers, effortlessly synchronizing customer data with other systems. 
  • Manages orders, making it possible to import and export order information into your accounting system 
  • Integrates with external databases, including other shopping websites and shopping cart systems, on an automatically set schedule that you determine